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Grapevine's Residential Real Estate Lawyer

Any real estate dispute or transaction can go awry quickly if you don't have a competent residential real estate attorney in Grapevine by your side. By retaining the services of an experienced residential real estate attorney, you can streamline this type of challenging legal process. At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, in Tarrant County, our skilled legal team represents sellers, buyers, tenants, landlords, and developers in a wide variety of real estate matters.

Residential Real Estate Attorneys in Grapevine

At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, our attorneys are highly experienced in cost-effective and successful management of complex real estate matters. When you meet with us, we can review your unique situation, discuss the breadth of your legal options, and develop a case strategy that reflects your professional, personal, and financial objectives. With the guidance of our residential real estate attorneys, you won’t have to worry about filing paperwork, missing important deadlines, or becoming ensnared in a drawn-out costly civil case. Our legal team can also help a business owner and or an individual review, draft, or negotiate contracts and amendments to ensure that the agreement is fair for every party involved.

Do I Need to Work with a Real Estate Law Firm?

A residential real estate attorney can represent your interests in the following matters:

  • Affidavits of heirship

  • Agent representation and commission agreements

  • Boundary line agreements

  • Construction contracts

  • Contract preparation and review

  • Deed transfers

  • Document preparation

  • Landlord and tenant issues

  • Lien release

  • Non-judicial foreclosures

  • Seller and owner finance

Purchasing a property is a major investment and can be a very complicated process. When you consider the costs involved, it may seem like working with a residential real estate attorney is just adding more overhead to an already costly undertaking. However, when you hire a legal team that specializes in real estate law, they can help you avoid pitfalls that may cost you a lot more money and time in the long run.

At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, our goal is to ensure things get done correctly the first time. You can depend on our attorneys to provide effective legal services in a number of areas.

Contracts and Purchase Agreements

When drawing up contracts between two parties, you must ensure your interests are protected. A real estate agent may have some training to help market and sell a property, but they’re not qualified to give you legal advice. A client who has begun the negotiation process with another party can benefit from the expertise of an experienced residential real estate attorney.

Our attorneys can ensure that any contract adheres to every applicable state law and will address any issues that may have an effect on future use. The sooner in the real estate process you involve a qualified attorney, the higher the chance of a successful negotiation, since all of your legal bases will be covered. Legal representation can also help you avoid any additional costs that can accompany a contract breach or cancellation

During the development of a purchase agreement, any additions or changes must reflect the seller’s and buyer’s wishes. Our attorneys will make sure the purchase agreement states all issues that must be addressed before the process can move forward.

Title Search

Another crucial step in every real estate transaction is the title search. This process involves examining public records to confirm legal ownership. A search can reveal any liens or outstanding claims on a real estate holding. Our attorneys can conduct a title search on behalf of a client interested in making an offer on a real estate property.

When performing a title search, an attorney will examine legal documents and public records to identify the vested owner of the property. Technically, the buyer can conduct a title search on their own, however, navigating the complexities of these records without real estate law knowledge can make it a tricky and time-consuming process. Without an in-depth understanding of real estate law, a buyer can easily overlook important details. At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, we’re here to help ensure this process is conducted correctly for our clients in Grapevine.

Purchasing a Home

From the moment a client becomes interested in a property until the keys are in their hands, they can count on our attorneys to provide the legal guidance they need.


Our attorneys can also file a real estate deed at county and state levels efficiently and promptly. An attorney can easily navigate the labyrinth of state regulations if the property is located in an area where zoning does not permit specific types of construction.

Hiring an attorney can prevent surprise expenses further down the line. Failing to file the applicable and proper documents at the local and state levels can result in many costly consequences. If a real estate deed isn’t transferred properly from a corporation, trust, or partnership, the seller and buyer may be hit with a wide range of penalties.


The closing is the most important step in the process for every party involved. Once the title is passed from the seller to the buyer, the purchasing price balance will be paid. Last-minute disputes during this part of the process are not uncommon, but with the help of an attorney, this final step will be as smooth as possible.

Working with Sellers

While not a requirement, working with a residential real estate attorney can also prove to be as beneficial for sellers as it is for buyers. A realtor typically uses standard forms, and if the seller signs a brokerage agreement that doesn't deal with several legal issues, they can be held liable to pay brokerage commissions, even in the event the sale doesn’t occur. Legal guidance and advice will help a seller easily navigate this type of agreement.

If a property owner is selling their home, an attorney can review a home inspection to ensure that all relevant information, including judgments or defects, has been made known to the buyer. This reduces the property owner’s chances of being sued by the buyer for failure to disclose information. If the seller is dealing with a partnership or corporation, there are more complexities to consider. If the transaction is not completed correctly due to failing to disclose specific defects or not clearing a title, the seller can end up facing a series of lawsuits.

Contact Mitchell Nachtigal Law Today

Working with a residential real estate attorney from Mitchell Nachtigal Law can be invaluable for any type of real estate-related matter. With our legal service, you can protect your rights and ensure everything is in order. Our attorneys will work with you from start to finish to ensure you receive the legal guidance and counsel you need. Contact our firm today to schedule a meeting and learn how the residential real estate attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law can help.

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