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Real Estate Lawyer North Richland Hills

If you’re engaged in a real estate dispute or a real estate transaction, the attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law in North Richland Hills can protect your interests and rights. Our real estate attorneys have significant experience handling a wide range of real estate-related events for clients in North Richard Hills and cities throughout Texas.

Real Estate Attorney North Richland Hills

The sale or purchase of real estate is always a major transaction and one that should be handled by a real estate attorney with experience.

At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, we will work diligently to address all important issues and will ensure that:


  • The title is clean

  • The transaction terms are appropriate and clear

  • A client is protected from lawsuits in the future and other liabilities regarding the transaction

How We Can Help

Our attorneys understand real estate law regarding development, boundaries, landlord and tenant rights, and land use, as well as:

  • Real estate closing services

  • Real estate contracts

  • Real estate deeds

  • Real estate agreements

And more.

Our attorneys understand that selling or buying a piece of property is a major decision. Because of this, it’s important that you have these types of matters handled by an attorney with extensive experience and knowledge of Texas real estate laws.

At our law firm, we can help buyers and property owners with title disputes, and other real estate issues, such as:

Land Use and Zoning

Handling land use regulations related to the use of parking, conditional use permits, occupancy restrictions, and other development matters can quickly become confusing. Our attorneys can review all documents and ordinances that pertain to a parcel of land and go over the process with you so you’re informed of your legal rights and options.

Landlord-Tenant Law

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, our attorneys are here to represent your best interests.

Boundary Line Disputes

At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, we can gather the necessary information to determine if the boundary dispute is a matter of real disagreement or uncertainty regarding ownership and help you effectively resolve a boundary issue.

Contact An Experienced Real Estate Attorney at Mitchell Nachtigal Law Today

At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, we’re here to provide the legal guidance and advice you need when dealing with any type of real estate-related matter. Whether you’re purchasing or selling a property, involved in a tenant-landlord dispute, or you need assistance with clarifying boundary lines we can help you!

If you want to protect your rights during a real estate transaction or another real estate-related event, contact our law office today to speak with one of our experienced and knowledgeable real estate attorneys to learn how we can help.

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