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Real Estate Attorney in Southlake, TX

For many people, their home or other real property is their biggest asset. Unfortunately, a home or property can turn into a legal nightmare if any issues arise with the purchase or sale. Many people don’t know how to protect their rights. Having a real estate attorney in Southlake with extensive legal experience on your side can help you avoid any potential issues or resolve any existing disputes before the situation escalates. At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, we provide high-quality legal services that are tailored to your specific needs.

Real Estate Attorney Southlake

Mitchell Nachtigal Law has a long history of successfully representing clients in construction claims, property-related insurance claims, landlord-tenant disputes, title issues, and more.

Our real estate attorneys can evaluate a case and help develop a strategy that serves a client’s situation.

Residential Real Estate Purchase and Sale

One of the most common issues a real estate attorney deals with are matters that arise in connection with the purchase or sale of residential real estate property or the construction of a new home. While you aren’t required to use an attorney when building, selling, or buying a home, the laws surrounding the process can be very complex and it’s often wise to consult with an attorney to ensure you’re informed about potential roadblocks and other legal matters.

Some common issues that arise during the sale and purchase process relate to the real estate closing date,what happens if a party is unable to close on time, the financing options available, the defects disclosures required, and how to protect yourself from a title defect. Our attorneys can provide legal advice that will protect your rights and your investment.

Building a New Home

Building a home presents unique problems, such as legal disputes with contractors, construction law, contract disputes, and compliance with zoning. A residential real estate attorney from our accomplished team can guide you through this type of complicated process.

Landlord and Tenant Law

Another major area a real estate attorney can handle involves landlord and tenant law. These disputes often involve non-payment of rent. An attorney can help the landlord comply with the requirements of Texas law to evict a non-paying tenant when the tenant continues to refuse to pay rent.

In other situations that do not involve unpaid rent, the outcome can be much more uncertain and both tenants and landlords are wise to seek experienced legal counsel from an attorney who understands Texas real estate legal issues and can protect their rights. At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, our experienced team represents property sellers and buyers in real estate transactions and proceedings. We can handle all legal aspects of sales and purchases, deed transfers, seller and owner financing, boundary line disagreements, and other real estate matters.

Title and Deeds

A clean title is essential to a real estate transaction. Our real estate attorneys apply their extensive experience and knowledge to each transaction. They ensure they devote the attention that’s necessary to identify and resolve any title issues prior to the transfer of the title and deed. Our know-how and experience in addressing complex title issues are beneficial to our residential real estate clients.

Trusted Guidance in Matters Related to Real Estate

If you have complex property law questions or you need assistance with a real estate matter, turn to the experienced Texas legal team at Mitchell Nachtigal Law. We have the expertise to skillfully guide you through any type of complex legal process to achieve your goals.

Our real estate law firm is known for attentiveness and responsiveness to the needs of every client. Landlords, property sellers, and buyers trust in our preparedness and knowledge. Whether we’re guiding their interests in real estate matters or serving their interests in a real estate transaction.

To meet with an attorney in Southlake from our experienced firm, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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