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Real Estate Attorney Hurst TX

A real estate attorney at Mitchell and Nachtigal Law provides high-quality attorney services for a wide range of Hurst TX real estate matters. Our attorneys can help with contract preparation and review, title curing, and filing liens. They will ensure that the property you intend to purchase is unencumbered meaning there are no covenants, easements, or liens are against the property. They can also create and record documents, negotiate the terms of sales and purchase agreements, modify the terms of contracts and agreements, and review any terms, conditions, or verbiage from a contract with our clients. Our attorneys are here to guide you through any type of real estate matter and will work tirelessly to ensure we help you achieve your goals.

Do I Need to Hire a Hurst Real Estate Attorney?

A real estate attorney at Mitchell and Nachtigal Law provides legal representation at every critical phase of the real estate process. In the beginning, one of our attorneys can assist in creating, reviewing, and negotiating the contract to sell, lease, or buy real property. We can also provide oversight during the purchasing process to ensure the contract’s terms and conditions are upheld. We will advise you of your obligations, such as insurance commitments so that you’re fully informed of your legal duties. Our attorneys can help you complete the purchase, sale, or negotiation in a manner that’s focused on your best interests. Our real estate attorneys can also assist in, seller and owner finance, non-judicial foreclosures, deed transfers, and other real estate matters.

Legal Advice and Dispute Resolution

A real estate attorney at our firm will offer legal advice on value estimates, property taxes, covenants and restrictions on real estate, zoning violations, and rental property management. We can help resolve disputes over boundaries, deeds, leases, property agreements, and more.

Our client-focused legal service can help you through any real estate-related matter.

Construction Law

Our attorneys are well versed in all aspects of construction matters and can provide efficient, comprehensive legal solutions for our clients, whether they’re dealing with contractor disputes, or need legal assistance with negotiating a construction contract, we will comprehensively assess each legal matter to successfully assist a client in achieving their goal.

Our real estate attorneys have unmatched knowledge and experience in all aspects of construction litigation and will achieve the most effective and efficient solution for a client’s dispute.

Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate Issues

Our attorneys have extensive experience in real estate law and can help clients with legal issues that are related to commercial and residential real estate, private property ownership, commercial leasing, landlord and tenant disputes, and more.

Our law firm can assist with the transfer of real estate property, including purchase and sale. We can also defend the rights of tenants, landlords, and property owners.

Contractual Issues

If your home purchase involves any issues that could potentially complicate the purchase, an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can ensure that our clients are aware of the complexity of the situation as well as our clients’ rights under the contract and we will use our legal expertise in the event a contractual issue arises during the process to ensure our client is protected and makes the best and most informed decision.


Contact Mitchell and Nachtigal Law Today

A real estate attorney from Mitchell and Nachtigal Law can protect your best interests and your legal rights. If you want to have all of your bases covered or you’re concerned something could go wrong, having a real estate attorney from our firm on your side can be very beneficial. Whether you need legal representation for a rental property, boundary line dispute, legal advice on insurance issues, or an issue that arises with your commercial property, the compassionate, yet assertive attorneys at Mitchell and Nachtigal Law can help. We take pride in our dedication to each of our clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the legal services we offer.

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