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Real Estate Attorney in Grapevine, TX

Whether you’re investing in a property, dealing with landlord-tenant issues, acquiring property, or selling property, you need effective, strong legal representation and an attorney who specializes in real estate law. Our real estate attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law have extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of real estate matters, including real estate transactions and real estate disputes.

Real Estate Attorney

At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, our real estate lawyers can help residential and commercial real estate buyers, property landlords, and tenants in all types of real estate transactions and disputes in Grapevine, Texas
In addition, our attorneys also assist real estate owners with regard to the following:

●    Title issues
●    Construction contract issues 
●    Boundary disputes
●    Land disputes

And any other real estate issues that may arise. 
Commercial and residential real estate closings are a key component of our firm’s practice. The attorneys at our law firm also know land use regulations and local zoning laws, and leverage that knowledge into positive results in preparing applications, pursuing appeals, and seeking approval for our clients. We always consider our client’s business and financial interests and will develop strategies to quickly help them reach their goals. 

Real Estate Litigation

Our law firm has extensive experience representing clients in real estate disputes. We work closely with each client to address their concerns and understand the key issues, to help each client achieve their goals. 

Our attorneys have found that an assertive stance, combined with research and careful case preparation, can often encourage the other party to agree to an acceptable settlement for our client. 

Commercial Real Estate Attorney

A commercial real estate attorney from our firm can represent tenants, sellers, buyers, and developers in all types of commercial real estate litigation and transactions throughout Texas. 
Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the unique considerations that can come into play with small and large projects whether they’re complex or straightforward. 

Estate Planning Attorney

When it comes to wills, one size does not fit all. Our probate lawyers will tailor your will to meet your needs. We can also set up living trusts or another type of planning vehicle in conjunction with your will to ensure that your assets are distributed how and when you want them to be.

Business Attorney

Our business attorneys are knowledgeable in many fields of business law. Our attorneys work closely with their clients to provide high-quality legal representation in and out of the courtroom. Whatever your legal needs are, the attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law will represent you with the tenacity and dedication needed to resolve business disputes.

Power of Attorney

We can also advise clients on when they should consider using a power of attorney and what powers they should give away. There are five different types of power of attorney, including:

●    General
●    Limited or special 
●    Durable 
●    Springing 
●    Medical

Our attorneys can explain which Texas laws authorize the different types of powers of attorney and can help you choose the correct power of attorney, based on your unique needs. 


Probate Attorney

Probate court can be very emotionally difficult to navigate when a loved one dies. Our professional and compassionate probate attorneys can help you every step of the way.. We can work with the administrator or executor of the estate to ensure all of the necessary documents are filed and all of the deadlines are met.

Business Attorney

The business attorneys at our firm provide legal counsel to small and medium-sized business clients in a wide range of professions. Our attorneys are prepared to help you get your company started on the right foot, resolve business disputes efficiently, and set your business up to runeffectively.

Residential Real Estate Attorney

Purchasing, leasing, or renting a home typically comes with a lengthy contract that includes the price, warranties, disclosures regarding the condition of the home, and many other matters. The residential real estate lawyers at Mitchell Nachtigal Law have extensive experience representing both sellers and buyers in reviewing and drafting real estate leases, purchases, and rental agreements.

Our real estate attorneys can handle all aspects of acquiring, developing, and selling real estate properties.

Real Estate Issues and Disputes

While many real estate transactions are completed without any issues, it’s not uncommon for disputes to arise before or after the property is sold. For these situations, it’s crucial that you have a skilled attorney on your side so these disputes can be resolved efficiently and quickly, to prevent further complications.

Our attorneys can guide you through the entire legal process. Depending on the circumstances that surround the dispute or transaction, real estate matters can become complex, especially if you’re unfamiliar with real estate laws in Texas. It’s always wise to discuss your unique situation with an experienced attorney. At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, our attorneys will carefully go over all paperwork and any supporting documentation, while creating an effective strategy and providing educated insight on your unique situation.

Contact Mitchell Nachtigal Law Today

The attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law counsel clients on residential and commercial real estate matters throughout Texas. For assistance with purchasing a commercial or residential property, a land-use issue, landlord-tenant disputes, or another type of property concern, contact our office today to schedule a case screening

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