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The residential real estate lawyers in Euless at Mitchell Nachtigal Law can help clients with many different types of real estate matters. Our attorneys provide guidance and legal representation at every important phase of the real estate process. In the beginning, we can assist in reviewing, negotiating, and creating the contract to sell, buy, or lease real property.


Our legal team can also provide oversight during the purchase process to ensure that the contract’s terms and conditions are upheld. We can also do title searches to ensure there is a clean chain of title. We will advise our clients on any insurance commitments or other types of obligations so they are aware of their legal duties. 


At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, we can effectively help a client complete their purchase or sale in a seamless manner that’s focused on their best interests.

Residential Real Estate Attorney in Euless, Texas | Mitchell Nachtigal Law


Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments you’ll make in your life. Having an attorney review all legal documents can bring peace of mind that your future investment and transaction are secure. A sound transaction is a good preventative against a future dispute. 


Our legal team provides the following real estate attorney services:


  • Contract Drafting & Review

  • Agent Representation & Commission Agreements

  • Boundary Line Agreements 

  • Construction Contracts

  • Contract Preparation and Review

  • Deed Transfers

  • Document Preparation

  • Review Buy-Sell Real Estate Agreements 

  • Landlord & Tenant

  • Lien Release

  • Non-Judicial Foreclosures

  • Financing for Sellers and Owners

Sellers and owners can benefit from the services offered by an experienced and knowledgeable residential real estate attorney. When you work with the legal team at Mitchell Nachtigal Law, you will be represented by attorneys who care about meeting the needs of each client. Our team can help you complete your sale or purchase as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Purchasing a Home

The process of purchasing a home includes many important steps. You will likely be working with a real estate agent, lender, and other professionals. When it comes to representing you in negotiations and reviewing contractual agreements, an attorney plays a vital role, including:

Modern House

Reviewing Financial Agreements

One of the most important steps for homebuyers is securing financing to make an offer on a home. At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, our attorneys can review the terms of the agreement to protect you from terms that would put you at an unfair disadvantage.

Reviewing Purchase Agreements

When a seller accepts an offer on a home, for the real estate transaction to process you need to enter into a purchase agreement. Our attorneys can review the agreement and help with negotiating time frames to complete the transaction, repairs, and closing costs.

Closing Representation

The last step in the purchasing process is home closing. During this phase, you must sign paperwork to complete the transaction. At that time, we can represent you, resolve any last-minute issues that may arise, and ensure you understand everything that you’re agreeing to.

Contact Mitchell Nachtigal Law Today

If you need representation for your home purchase or sale, financing, or if you would like to learn more about the other services we offer, contact Mitchell Nachtigal Law today to schedule an appointment with a member of our legal team.

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