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Commercial real estate attorneys deal with common law, property law, statutes, and regulations surrounding commercial properties. At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, our attorneys handle a wide range of commercial real estate matters involving the leasing, sale, litigation, construction, financing, development, and purchase of commercial properties.

An attorney from our law office can help minimize risk and address any potential issues, to ensure the leasing, selling, or purchasing of commercial real estate property goes as smoothly as possible.

Commercial Real Estate Attorney Euless, TX | Mitchell Nachtigal Law


Whether you’re preparing to negotiate a lease, sell property, or purchase commercial real estate, you need a professional with considerable experience in every area of real estate law. The world of real estate is complex and regulated by federal, state, and local laws. To avoid numerous legal issues, you must contact an attorney to protect your interests.

Our attorneys understand the common objectives of both sellers and buyers, and we will fully engage with you to understand your specific concerns and needs. We have years of experience working with clients all over Texas to resolve disputes, review titles and sale agreements, and negotiate leases.

When purchasing commercial property, don't rely on your real estate agent to protect your interests. You need legal representation to help guide you through this complex process and handle your real estate case.

Our real estate attorney services, include:


  • Contract Drafting & Review

  • Agent Representation & Commission Agreements

  • Boundary Line Agreements 

  • Construction Contracts

  • Contract Preparation and Review

  • Deed Transfers

  • Document Preparation

  • Buy-sell Real Estate Agreements

  • Lien Release

  • Non-Judicial Foreclosures

  • Financing for Sellers and Owners

Many issues can arise that will require the knowledge and skillset of an experienced attorney.

Commercial real estate issues that may arise can include:

  • Commercial zoning disputes

  • Commercial lending disputes

  • Commercial real estate foreclosures

  • Title insurance

  • Real estate title reviews 

  • Purchase and sales agreements

Contract Review

How an Attorney Can Help

Commercial real estate sale transactions can be very complicated. Hiring an attorney during this process is essential. An attorney can help negotiate a complex contract, minimize risk, and protect the seller’s or buyer’s interests.

Our attorneys draw upon their varied, extensive, and collective experience representing a host of interests in commercial real estate transactions. We not only ensure that all transactions comply with federal and state laws, but we also do our best to prevent or handle any disputes to ensure the transaction process goes as smoothly as possible.

Dispute Resolution

A commercial real estate transaction can involve a large amount of capital. Additionally, disputes are fairly common. An attorney at Mitchell Nachtigal Law will work diligently to ensure that you have the information needed to make a solid decision regarding any type of real estate dispute. 

Should a dispute arise, we will be prepared to defend your interests and negotiate a fair resolution.

Experience Counts.

Contact Mitchell Nachtigal Law Today

It’s important to hire legal counsel that specializes in commercial real estate property. To increase your chances of securing the deal that you desire, you must hire an experienced attorney that is familiar with the local area and the complex laws that govern states and large and small cities.

If you’re looking to sell or invest in a commercial property, the attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law have a wealth of experience and can help. Our familiarity with the local area and our expertise in the many complexities of Texas real estate law gives our clients a tremendous advantage. Contact our law office today to schedule an appointment with a legal professional from our team to learn how we can help.

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