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Texas Real Estate Attorney

In today’s real estate climate, complex real estate transactions are becoming the norm. At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, our attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge to businesses and residents of Bedford and Colleyville, Texas. Real estate deals often boil down to perseverance and experience. Clients can depend on the attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law for both qualities. As Texas real estate attorneys, our firm offers a broad range of experience, successfully handling difficult litigation and sophisticated real estate transactions.


Offering Creative and Effective Solutions for Any Real Estate Issue

A simple real estate dispute has the potential to drag on for a significant length of time, costing companies and clients large sums of money. Our real estate lawyers know how to develop creative solutions to these problems, with the goal of resolving these issues before they get out of hand. Avoiding court is usually more cost-effective for everyone involved. However, there are cases that may be brought before a judge. Our team of experienced litigators will be well-prepared to present your case in court if both parties are unable to agree on a solution.


Our services include:

·      Residential real estate law

·      Commercial real estate law

·      Litigation and arbitration

·      Foreclosure (Non-Judicial)

·      Eviction (Commercial)

·      Business acquisitions

·      Business counseling and entity formation

·      Lender representation

·      Residential and commercial title services

·      Residential and commercial escrow services

·      Probate

·      Small estate planning

·      Real estate investor transactions


Any real estate or estate planning matter can potentially be complicated by disagreements or mistakes. Whether you’re simply seeking legal advice to protect your rights, or you’re involved in a dispute, our Texas real estate attorneys can help pave the way forward.

Experienced Real Estate Attorneys You Can Rely On

Modern residential and commercial real estate transactions and development require a keen understanding of the constantly changing face of real estate, and the ability to find creative solutions that can maximize the success of our clients. The same applies to construction disputes and transactions, issues with probate, business acquisitions, and foreclosures. The Texas real estate attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law can handle a wide range of cases and find the best solution possible to help our clients achieve their goals and ensure a smooth process.

Mitchell Nachtigal Real Estate Locations

The Mitchell Nachtigal real estate locations include Colleyville and Bedford. We also proudly serve businesses and residents throughout the great state of Texas.

Contact Mitchell Nachtigal Law Today for a Consultation


 If you’re faced with a complicated real estate transaction, probate issue, or you need estate planning assistance, contact Mitchell Nachtigal Law to help. One of our Texas real estate attorneys can assist in preparing various necessary documents, as well as handling negotiations with lenders, sellers, buyers, or their representatives when a client is facing a complicated property issue.

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