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Commercial Real Estate Attorney Hurst, TX

A commercial real estate attorney in Hurst at Mitchell Nachtigal Law provides quality legal service to real estate clients in Texas. Our law firm can assist property owners, sellers, and buyers with all legal matters related to commercial real estate including leasing, selling or buying properties. Additionally, our real estate practice is always prepared to handle many of the issues that often arise in commercial real estate transactions and are prepared to handle these issues head-on – to protect a client’s interests.

How a Hurst Commercial Real Estate Attorney at Mitchell Nachtigal Can Help

Texas commercial real estate endeavors typically involve considerable investments from multiple parties. At our law office, we provide reliable legal counsel on virtually any issue that can affect a client’s ability to sell, develop, or purchase a commercial property.


At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, we conduct all commercial real property business meticulously and with methodical attention to every detail. With commercial property law knowledge and extensive preparation to support your commercial real estate transaction, you can feel confident that your investment is secure.

We can assist you with:

  • Commercial real estate disputes

  • Leasing contracts

  • Title issues

  • Breach of contract actions

  • Land use and zoning

  • Mortgages and financing

  • Easements and restrictions

  • Dispute with contractor

  • Landlord-tenant disputes

  • Construction matters

  • Commercial real estate closings

Property Valuation

Whether you’re selling or buying real estate, it’s essential that the property is evaluated properly. Our knowledgeable attorneys can coordinate valuation specialists to assess the value of the commercial real estate or the land the client wishes to sell or purchase.

Due Diligence

It’s your responsibility to investigate a commercial real estate transaction. Without conducting proper research, you may find out too late that the property is unsuitable for your development project. Our attorneys can perform due diligence to ensure real estate transactions go as planned. We can also assist you in negotiating with other parties for a fair case resolution.


In addition to covering insurance coverage, rental property matters, sale of property, and construction law, at our law office, we can also review contracts to ensure that they contain necessary certainty in terms of conditions that each party must satisfy, the sale completion date, and the price, to avoid a breach of contract or another type of legal dispute.

Dispute Resolution

A dispute over property can profoundly affect a business, whether the dispute arises out of a construction project, commercial lease, or sale agreement. At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, we can provide legal advice to protect your business property investment in those types of contentious situations. We can also assist you with zoning decisions, easement conflicts, title conflicts, and eminent-domain seizures.

Mediation and Negotiation

A real estate contract often includes a clause that requires that disputes enter arbitration. With an arbitration clause, mediation can be effectively used to preserve a business relationship. When mediation is required by contract, the skilled mediators at Mitchell Nachtigal Law can guide the negotiations toward solutions that will serve your needs.

Peace of Mind For All of Your Commercial Real Estate Matters

If you’re concerned that something may go awry with your commercial real estate transaction, an experienced Texas real estate attorney can give you the legal guidance you need to achieve your goals and protect your rights. If a legal issue arises, you’ll have a compassionate and skilled attorney who will look out for your best interests and walk you through any type of complicated legal situation.

Trusted Legal Support in Hurst

For legal help on a commercial real estate matter in Texas, turn to the experienced attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law.

At our law firm, we strive to provide each client with the highest level of legal service and attention. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced real estate attorneys in Hurst and learn how we can assist you.

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