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Commercial Real Estate Attorney Bedford, TX

Many legal issues can arise for commercial property owners or those who are looking to purchase or lease commercial property. An experienced commercial real estate attorney at Mitchell Nachtigal Law can help. Our commercial real estate attorneys have been serving clients in Bedford and throughout Texas for many years, offering sound legal advice that has saved our clients from making costly mistakes.

Hiring a commercial real estate attorney can be the best way to protect yourself from any unforeseen issues that may arise later down the line and can end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

How Real Estate Attorneys Can Protect Your Rights

Whether you're involved in a real estate dispute or purchasing real estate to start a new business, we can help. Our experienced real estate attorneys represent brokers, investors, partnerships, developers, real estate owners, and businesses in these commercial real estate matters:

·      Drafting and reviewing easement agreements
·      Resolving regulatory, land use, and zoning issues
·      Reviewing financing options and mortgages
·      Handling escrow and performing due diligence
·      Reviewing, drafting and negotiating purchase and sale agreements, including construction contracts and other types of real estate documents
·      Business formation and support for investors

Common Commercial Real Estate Issues

Common commercial real estate issues you may encounter include:

·                  Commercial landlord and tenant disputes

·                  Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities act

·                  and environmental assessments

·                  Environmental impact statements

·                  Environmental rules and regulations

·                  Compliance with zoning laws

·                  Land use regulations and requirements

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes

A properly written commercial lease can reduce the likelihood of landlord-tenant litigation. Unfortunately, a well-prepared lease doesn't guarantee that you won’t run into any legal disputes. If such a dispute does arise, it's in your best interest to work with a knowledgeable commercial real estate attorney. Getting legal advice as soon as possible can reduce your expense and time by eliminating the need to pursue litigation.

When landlord and tenant disputes cannot be reached by agreement, litigation may be necessary. In some instances, the case will take the form of a breach of contract, in which one party asserts that the other has breached the terms of a lease. In cases such as these, it's also common for counterclaims to be asserted, with both parties alleging breaches. Litigation regarding a commercial lease can be very complicated and disruptive to a party's business operations.

With several years of experience in commercial landlord and tenant law, the commercial real estate attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law understand how important it is that you have knowledgeable representation and guidance. A commercial real estate attorney can represent your interests, assess your options, and argue effectively on your behalf. The right commercial real estate attorney can make all the difference between a business that's thriving and one that stalled and losing money.

Commercial Unlawful Detainer Proceedings

An unlawful detainer action provides expedited relief for a commercial landlord who is seeking to evict a tenant. Our attorneys provide effective and efficient representation and preparation throughout the duration of unlawful detainer actions. While unlawful detainer proceedings can be very complex, often involving strict notice requirements and filing deadlines, our attorneys can manage these proceedings from start to finish efficiently and quickly.

Construction Contract Disputes

A contract is the cornerstone of any construction project. Many projects will require a party to enter into multiple construction contracts that involve several different subcontractors who are providing many types of services in order for the project to be completed. If one entity fails in the chain of services or goods it can throw off an entire project.

When work isn't provided according to contract terms, disputes can arise. There’s almost no end to the types of disputes that can occur, including defective work, the scope of work, change orders, and delays. A commercial real estate attorney from our firm has the experience and background to handle these issues.

Purchases and Sales

Selling or purchasing commercial real estate is a significant transaction. Our real estate attorneys can help with:

·      Phase l environmental report
·      Purchase and sale agreement
·      Term sheets/letters of intent
·      Deed
·      Title insurance policy
·      Review of Title work and survey

Payment Disputes

Payments to material suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors are crucial to keep a project alive. There are some types of legal protections that can prevent disruption in payment or mitigate financial loss. These include liability for wage theft, prompt payment, stop notices, surety bonds, and mechanic’s liens.

Whatever the nature of your payment issue or contract dispute, contact our commercial real estate attorneys for assistance. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who strive to prevent work stoppage that can disrupt the completion date of a project. Our attorneys recognize the need for deadlines to be kept.

Schedule a Consultation with a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Today

The commercial real estate attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law can help you protect your investments and can handle a wide variety of commercial real estate issues. For more information about your legal options and to schedule a consultation, contact our office today.

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