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Colleyville Commercial Real Estate Attorney

Commercial property sales often involve large amounts of capital. As a result, retaining a competent commercial real estate attorney is vital for buyers and sellers. At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, located in Colleyville, TX, we know what's at stake in a commercial property transaction. Therefore, we always offer clients the highest level of legal services. Our firm understands that something as simple as a vague contract can be a disastrous situation for you or your business. Experienced and knowledgeable, our attorneys will assess every aspect of your commercial real estate transaction to ensure that you're able to proceed with confidence.

How a Commercial Real Estate Attorney Can Help


A commercial real estate attorney can walk you through every step of your real estate transaction. Commercial property transactions are inherently complex. Whether you're selling a vacant lot for development, selling a piece of real estate with a business located on it, or you're considering property acquisition, your first step should be speaking with an experienced and skilled commercial real estate attorney. Additionally, you can't rely on consumer protection laws when you're selling or purchasing commercial property. At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, we're prepared to perform due diligence for your next commercial real estate purchase to protect your rights and ensure a smooth transaction.

What Does a Commercial Real Estate Attorney Do?


A commercial real estate attorney performs many of the same duties as an attorney who focuses on residential real estate transactions, however, they work on transactions that are typically between individual sellers and buyers. Otherwise, commercial real estate attorneys review contracts, handle issues with the title and can negotiate with lenders the same as real estate attorneys who specialize in residential transactions.


The biggest difference between the two types of real estate law specialties is that a commercial real estate attorney must have in-depth knowledge of a few key areas that are specific to businesses. Our commercial real estate attorneys have extensive experience working with local property management firms, developers, and businesses to assist our clients in every aspect of commercial real estate law from litigation to transactions.


Here's a brief list of some of the specialized services that our real estate lawyers can provide:

Zoning Laws


Residential sellers and buyers have little need for a lawyer to handle zoning matters, but for a commercial business, understanding zoning laws can be crucial. Since zoning laws restrict how a property can be used, a business may need a commercial real estate attorney for issues surrounding appeals, injunctive relief, variance applications, administrative hearings, and rezoning. It's also recommended that before buying or leasing commercial property, a business owner should consult with a commercial real estate attorney to learn more about their local zoning ordinances.

Commercial Leases


A commercial real estate attorney is adept at negotiating commercial leases for businesses, reviewing leases, and drafting leases. If you want to lease a property, it's important to use a lease agreement that has been professionally drafted by your attorney, instead of a boilerplate version that can be riddled with errors and doesn't specify your needs.

Real Property Rights and Land Use


These types of issues can involve disputes with neighboring property owners, environmental regulations, and laws, or you may need help obtaining the proper permits. In some cases, involving disputes, the property owner may end up entangled in a lawsuit, in which case a commercial real estate attorney can represent the property owner's interests in court or negotiate a settlement.

Other Commercial Real Estate Law Services


Many additional services are offered by a commercial real estate attorney that requires specialized knowledge of municipal and state law and how it relates to commercial businesses.


These includes:


·  Construction financing

·  Eminent domain

·  Incentive agreements and relief

·  Easements, covenants, deeds, and other title issues

·  condo associations

·  Regulatory requirements

·  Nuisance laws

·  Breach of contract

·  Landlord-tenant disputes

A Knowledgeable Commercial Real Estate Attorney on Your Side


At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, we handle sensitive and complex legal issues involving commercial real estate transactions and law. We provide each client with personalized attention and responsive client service. We're always prepared to fight for our client's rights during settlement negotiations or in court. We also work resourcefully and quickly, saving our clients time and money.

Contact a TX Commercial Real Estate Attorney Today


A commercial real estate transaction can involve an extensive amount of capital. Additionally, disputes are common. The attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law will work diligently to ensure that you have all the information you need to make a solid decision. If a dispute arises, our attorneys can initiate a fair resolution, or we will defend your interests in litigation. Our team of commercial real estate attorneys provides high-quality legal services that cover a variety of issues that are related to commercial real estate law. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and let the team at Mitchell Nachtigal Law provide you with the knowledgeable legal guidance you need to protect your interests and your rights.

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