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Business Attorney Bedford, TX

As a business owner, one of your most important assets is your attorney. A skilled business attorney can prevent issues before they occur by putting a framework in place that can protect you and your company.  They can also help you handle many different aspects of your business, allowing you to take steps that can minimize legal liability while providing well-crafted contract agreements, working diligently to protect your company, keeping you informed about the risks of litigation, and of course your rights against infringers.

How a Business Lawyer Can Help You Make the Right Choices for Your Company

A knowledgeable business lawyer can help you with every aspect of your company, including:

Business Disputes

Disagreements and disputes inevitably arise within and between companies. If these disputes aren't handled properly, they can have a serious impact on your company's stability or bottom line. Failing to pursue a claim against another company or person that harmed a company could mean lost monetary damages. A failure to defend against that claim can result in penalties and judgments. A company on either side of a dispute can incur far greater expense than necessary by missing the opportunity to resolve a dispute quickly and efficiently. In any of these situations, an attorney in Bedford, TX from Mitchell Nachtigal Law is central to asserting a company's rights and protecting its interests.


A company may have a dispute with another company, for many of the same reasons that individuals have conflicts. A disagreement over the terms of a joint venture or partnership, or an issue in the context of a vendor or customer relationship are some examples. Our attorneys can assist Bedford clients with all these complicated issues.

Dispute Resolution

Many parties in a dispute can compromise, either before or after a lawsuit has been filed, through a negotiated settlement. Litigation is only one method of resolving a business dispute. Negotiations can include mediation where there's a neutral mediator who hears each side of the dispute and helps the parties involved reach an agreement. Another option is arbitration. In arbitration, arbitrators will conduct a trial-like proceeding and make a recommendation for a fair outcome.

At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, our firm can handle complex business disputes, when the risks and stakes are at their highest. Our firm has achieved great results for our clients at the negotiation table, in arbitrations, and mediations. With a wealth of experience and legal knowledge, we can perform an accurate analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of every case to help our clients reduce their financial risks and obtain the best results possible.

Our business attorneys will go that extra mile to find the right solution for you and your company, avoiding a time-consuming and costly trial.

Business Formation

A business attorney can help you choose the right business structure. Businesses can be structured in several ways:

·                  C-corporations

·                  Joint ventures

·                  Partnerships

·                  LLCs

All of these have different benefits. A business attorney from Mitchell Nachtigal Law can advise you concerning which type of structure will work the best for your company.

Drafting and Reviewing Business Contracts

Businesses need to set up contracts with their employees and vendors. An experienced business attorney at Mitchell Nachtigal Law can ensure your contracts are legally sound.

Contracts are incredibly important when it comes to protecting your business and ensuring that everyone knows their responsibilities and rights. A business attorney can help you draft and review contracts for freelancers, intellectual property agreements, and employment.


Business Debt Collection

A business attorney can also help you handle clients who have not paid their bills. They will ensure that your debt collection process is legally sound, and they can represent you in court if a customer needs further persuasion to pay their debts.

Drafting Business Partnership Agreements

A scribbled agreement or a handshake doesn't cut it in the business world. You need to make a formal agreement such as an operating agreement, partnership agreement, or founder's agreement to ensure the rights of all parties involved. These agreements will clearly lay out the responsibilities of each party and their share of revenue and expenses. These agreements also often include a break-up provision for how the assets will be split.

Negotiate Business Contracts

A business attorney can assist with negotiations for things including:

Office Space

Office leases can hold several hidden pitfalls for the business owner, and a business attorney can ensure your interests are well protected before you sign. They can also negotiate certain lease terms on your behalf or advise you when you should pass on a deal.

Vendor Contracts

A business attorney can look over your vendor contracts before you sign the dotted line to ensure that your business is protected through your supplier relationships.

Mergers, Business Relationships, or Acquisitions

You may have the opportunity to join forces with another business or take over a business. A business lawyer can help you determine if it's a sound opportunity or if there may be any potential issues. They can also help you formalize collaborations with other businesses or freelancers.

Managing Organization Documents and Filing Fees

A business attorney can keep a copy of your organization's documents and file all the annual fees for your business, so you won’t have to worry about it. They can also be your registered agent, which means if anything needs attention, your lawyer can handle it quickly.

Business Taxes

A business lawyer can advise you on tax advantages when you're making business decisions. This can mean huge savings for your company.



Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

An attorney can protect your company's website, ensuring all your legal bases are covered. If your website has financial transactions or customer interactions, you'll need both terms and conditions and privacy policies on your website. The privacy policy will explain how a customer’s private information is used, while the terms and conditions will lay out the rules for website use.

Structure Financial Documents

An attorney can advise you on how to structure your company's financial documents and how to draft agreements with lenders or investors. Of course, you should also speak with your accountant when preparing financial documents.

Do I Need a Business Lawyer?

Your new company may have a tight budget that prevents you from keeping an attorney on retainer, or you may not think you need an attorney for your company. However, there are some situations that will require the immediate assistance of an experienced attorney, such as:

·                  A former or current employee threatens to sue your company for discrimination or sexual harassment

·                  An environmental issue comes up, either with a business you're buying or in your current business. Environmental issues can result in heavy penalties for the property owner.

·                  You want to contribute appreciated property to a partnership or an LLC.

·                  Your business partners want to make special provisions for the allocation of profits and losses in your partnership agreement or LLC operating agreement.

Even a simple mistake in any of the above areas can be costly for your company and bad press. Because of this, the expertise of an experienced business attorney can save you money in the long run.

Contact a Texas Business Lawyer at Mitchell Nachtigal Law

At Mitchell Nachtigal Law, our Texas business attorneys are trusted business advisors to our clients. We work closely with every client offering comprehensive services. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and learn how the business attorneys at Mitchell Nachtigal Law can protect your business and your rights.

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