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Julia Mitchell


Tel: 682-738-3213

Julia has been in real estate since graduating high school over 25 years ago. She started off as an apartment leasing agent and worked her way up to property management during her work in obtaining her Bachelor’s and Master’s. She obtained her Texas Real Estate License and practiced real estate and participated in real estate development for several years. In 2002, Julia attended law school and obtained her Doctor of Jurisprudence in three years graduating Cum Laude. After becoming a licensed attorney in Texas, Julia opened her own full service real estate and business law firm. The firm also was a fee office and conducted over a Billion Dollars in Real Estate Closings in its first ten years of business. Finally, in 2017 Julia converted her operation to a fully licensed independent title company, Juniper Title, Inc. underwritten by Fidelity, Alamo, Chicago, Commonwealth, and Westcor. Juniper Title operates state wide and currently has three bricks and sticks locations. Julia’s law firm, founded in 2007, is still thriving and focuses on commercial transactions and document preparation.

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Jennifer Nachtigal


Tel: 682-738-3213

Jennifer has been involved in the real estate industry since 2011. Beginning as a title administrator in the oil and gas industry, she decided to advance her career by becoming a Texas licensed attorney in 2015 and transitioning into residential and commercial real estate and business law with a primarily transactional focus.

When she is not in the office advising and assisting clients, she enjoys networking through education and teaches continuing education courses to brokers, realtors, lenders, and consumers with her Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) instructor certification.